Hydrangea and Sunny Day Service: Rainy days and …

サニーデイ・サービス、歌詞(Lyrics)『あじさい』(English Translation)

Some song lyrics are just impossible to translate into another language because of their highly contextualized form of language use. “Hydrangea” (1996) by Sunny Day Service is one of those songs. The band is well known for their unique, retro style of lyrics, arrangement and visual image. They are sometimes called a modern Happy End, a well known Japanese folk rock band around 1970 .

Hydrangea conjures up a very particular set of imagery of the rainy season in Japan. The color of pale blue and pink, and raindrops shining on the green leaves. Flowers by the quaint, old buildings that give peaceful, quiet shades. Overall lucid elegance enlivened by misty air of the wet season.


The set is hydrangea and the prop is a series of words and retro items that remind us of the old times. The imagery of the street with retro, chic signs actually give us a sense of rundown street that fails to keep up the changing times. Flower scissors and tatami floor apparently refer to the imagery of traditional Japanese residence. All of these are something that gives us clear imagery but that can hardly be found today. Here is an interesting gap between the reality and our reminiscences.


Beyond mirage – an unrealistic wish that never be achieved – emerges a comforting memory.





This hydrangea I saw
On a rainy evening of the wet season
Railway tracks, trains come and go
She was there on her own for no reason
With an arch grin
Asking spring wind to blow in

The mist came down
The street with retro, chic signs
I let her take my hand
And we found a nice place to hop in

These golden roses
I see from an upstairs window
Through the straw blind
They bloom but never get fruits
Dissolve into the damp, drizzly sky
Her gaze down at the tatami floor
The night comes and leaves us behind
A beaming smile of hers

Your finger on the straw, the cider glass
A faraway mirage, and your smile

Who left the flower scissors in the shade?
Look at the flowers seeping out of the mesh of tatami floor
Your finger on the straw, the cider glass
A faraway mirage, and I just followed her lead