Where is My Mind: In The Attempt

Sunday Girl、歌詞(Lyrics)『Where is My Mind?』日本語訳(Japanese translation)

Albert Camus is considered to be a philosopher of absurdity. But it seems that the concept of absurdity is pretty much misunderstood. Absurdity does not mean that life is meaningless, pointless or hopeless. It’s not just a philosophical concept. Rather, it gives us an explanation to our flesh and blood feel of struggling through life.


Mais ce qui est absurde, c’est la confrontation de cet irratiionnel et de ce désir éperdu de clarté dont l’appel résonne au plus profond de l’homme. Albert Camus – Le mythe de Sisyphe

Absurdity, as Camus defines it, does not refer to the irrational itself but to a contradicting human desire. We know too well that many things in life come up in a random way but we are obsessed with finding meaning, logic or reason behind them. Our life revolves around a certain circle of supportive and beloved people, some of whom will be gone sooner or later. Even when we want to and make some efforts to follow a certain path of life, life gets an unexpected turn. Nonetheless, we desperately seek the value and meaning in those practices and events in life. That is what Camus calls absurdity.


The following song is a really good example of challenging our desire to seek meaning.

Sunday Girl – Where Is My Mind

その足は宙に 頭は地面に
頭はぺっちゃんこ だって 頭なんて空っぽでしょ
そして自問する いったいどうなってんだ?

小さな魚たちだけが 教えてくれた
必死に 何か言っていた 「コイツが鯉です」

大海原で見たんです そいつは泳いでいたんです

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