Black Eyed Dog: Lost and Found

Nick Drake、歌詞(Lyrics)『Black Eyed Dog』日本語訳(Japanese Translation)

Nick Drake (1948-1974) released just three albums before his early death. This enigmatic song inevitably foreshadows his tragedy but also tells much about our universal, emotional challenge – sporadic renewals of negative feelings.


Repeated over again in the song is a symbolic figure, “a black eyed dog.” Let’s just define it as a negative feeling that comes up in our mind every so often. Just as a black eyed dog comes at the door and makes more demands, our unresolved conflict, whether it be inner or with someone else, bugs us with renewed sense of disruption and intrusion. Your efforts to create your own life are often interrupted by uneasy negotiation with reality, overshadowed by your past mistakes or challenged by your old enemies. Negative feelings catch up with you just when you feel you have run far away enough. You feel scared to see your old enemy track you down. It could be sadness or regret in the silence. You just can’t let down your guard.


This recurrent emotional turn-offs are so exhausting that we just crave for time and space where we could breathe and unwind. Home is supposed to be a place where you feel right in your own skin. But as we grow old, we drag more of our past shadows and persisting, incurable pains. Negative emotional experiences wake up uncomfortable memories, highlight your inner bitter spot and make you feel inadequate, weak and miserable. Your attempt to settle down stays incomplete at best and seems impossible at worst.


The lyrics and imagery are somewhat grim and somber. His voice is no powerful. But it’s genuine and warms our hearts like an emotional pat on the shoulder.


Nick Drake – Black Eyed Dog

黒い目をした犬が 戸口にやってきたんです
これ以上 どうしろと言うんでしょうか
そいつは わたしの名前を知っていたんです


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