Where is My Mind: In The Attempt

Sunday Girl、歌詞(Lyrics)『Where is My Mind?』日本語訳(Japanese translation)

Albert Camus is considered to be a philosopher of absurdity. But it seems that the concept of absurdity is pretty much misunderstood. Absurdity does not mean that life is meaningless, pointless or... Read More

The Myth Of Sisyphus: In The Attempt

Albert Camusアルベール・カミュ『シーシュポスの神話』日本語訳(Traduction japonaises)

Our day-to-day challenges are really exhausting such as feeling disappointed at the results after all the efforts you made, another problem coming up right after you solved one, tragic incidents... Read More

A Glimpse of Humor: In The Attempt


We are more or less exposed to minor nervous breakdowns on a daily basis. We sometimes feel weary of and overwhelmed by an enormity and gravity of powerlessness or futility. It might be that you... Read More

Life on Hold and Princess Shikishi: In The Attempt


Take the initiative, make a difference and move your life forward. These seem to be a golden rule of our time. We are forced to stick to it. We are actually able to live it out. Motivational songs... Read More

Astray and Izumi Shikibu: In The Attempt


Izumi Shikibu(978?-?) is one of the greatest woman poet in Japanese history. She was the contemporary of Murasaki Shikibu, who is best known for her 54-chapter epic novel, the Tale of Genji. Her... Read More

Pilgrim: In Search of Home


Bokusui Wakayama (1885-1928) made lots of songs about and on traveling. Many of his waka reflect the underlying notion about traveling: “あくがる (akugaru)”. This verb originally... Read More

Prepared: In Search of Home


Bokusui Wakayama (1885-1928) is one of the most popular modern poets. Many of his waka (short poems) were made during his trip around Japan. He knew there is no end in his spiritual journey but he... Read More

Away: In Search of Home


Here is another great modern Japanese poem. This poem, by Saisei Muro (1889-1962), is from his anthology called “The Lyrical Sketches”. This is also a poem on the concept of... Read More

Coco: In Search of Home


This post is going to be another unusual post because I’m going to introduce a Japanese song to give another perspective on the concept of “Home.” The poetry below is originally... Read More