Who Else and Noriko Ibaragi: Lost and Found


Poetic sensitivity isn’t exclusively owned by poets. It resides in all of us. But all too often we get emotionally worn out while struggling through our pell-mell life. In the course of our... Read More

Act of Living and Rin Ishigaki: Lost and Found


We’ve been examining how art draws out our innermost emotions. I should definitely introduce another great modern poet. Rin Ishigaki (1920-2004) struggled through painful friction between... Read More

Sadness and Chuya Nakahara: Lost and Found


With tolls of New Year’s bell dispelling earthly desires, people welcome the New Year with a refreshed and invigorated mind. It would be great if we could renew our mind overnight. In... Read More

Enlightenment At This Moment


Enlightenment is pretty much misunderstood. People tend to believe enlightenment is something you are yet to attain or achieve, but Dogen(1200-1253) gives it a different definition. Arguing that no... Read More

Fish, Birds and Day-to-day Enlightenment


Do you obsess yourself with full research to prepare for your trip or try to make it as spontaneous as possible? People sometimes do a thorough research on towns and cities they are going to visit... Read More

Lost in Enlightenment


Some ten years ago I came across an interesting book on the definition of “beautiful” women. It examines how beauty has been differently defined over time and visits different areas... Read More

People Help The People: In The Attempt

Birdy、歌詞(Lyrics)『People Help The People』日本語訳(Japanese translation)

We’ve been thinking about the state of being “In The Attempt.” The theme revolves around subjects such as the act of reaching out, the restless feeling of incompleteness, a life on hold, and {Read more…} “People Help The People: In The Attempt

Birdy、歌詞(Lyrics)『People Help The People』日本語訳(Japanese translation)

Maman: In The Attempt

Louane、歌詞(Paroles)『Maman』日本語訳((Traduction japonaise)

In her song called Maman, Louane, a 20-year-old French singer, sings about how we pass dull, tedious days in resignation and desperation. We sometimes feel so trapped in the net of circumstances... Read More

Bitter Sweet Symphony: In The Attempt

The Verve、歌詞(Lyrics)『Bitter Sweet Symphony』日本語訳(Japanese translation)

Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve is one of the great songs on bittersweetness of life. This anthem, along with the symbolic music video, brings home to us the inevitable fate of death despite all... Read More