Anchor: In Search of Home

Mindy Gledhill、歌詞(Lyrics)『Anchor』日本語訳(Japanese translation)

Feeling anchored and grounded might be one of the keys to describing what it feels like to be at home. You just aware that you have a place of belonging and safety. To grab hold of this concept, why not think a little bit about the absence of home?


A sense of being unmoored takes as many different forms. In terms of home as a system of meaning and belonging, homelessness emerges when your life doesn’t make sense to you partly because you don’t feel your life is fully expressing your individuality. You might whittle yourself down in a way that you just act a given role, settle for a limited image of yourself to get on with life, for fear of rejection and of being outcast. You aren’t just following your own principles or values, not allowing the whole of yourself to be engaged.


In the following song called “Anchor” by Mindy Gledhill, a wanderer has arrived home. Under pressure to conform to something you don’t feel right, she was on the verge of being a lost soul. She’s finally found place in life where she stays genuinely unique and different. Feeling right within your own skin and mind gives sense to the business of living. You feel you matter, you are affirmed and welcome, and you have a sense of purpose. What makes all of these possible might be faith, belief, loved ones, pride in a set of experience through which you fully engage with the world, and whatever you turn to in toughest times.


Mindy Gledhill – Anchor

混乱に陥った この世界
雲間へ昇っていく 赤い風船
地につかない わたしの足
そんなとき あなたがつかまえてくれる

世界でも 指折りの
ドタバタ人間だから 落ち着かなくて
でも あなたがいれば
この世界に 居場所があるから

わたしって 変わってるらしい
枠にはめようと みんなあれこれ言ってくる
でも あなたはそばで やさしく言ってくれる

わたしは女王様になれる あなたのおかげ
道に迷った気がしても 見守ってくれるひとがいる
だから わたしはわたしでいられる

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