Always Engaging, Sometimes Challenging

You have a supportive circle of people, whether they be close friends, co-workers, teammates or classmates, and they are always engaging, sometimes challenging, but always with warmth and honesty. There’s also a friendly rivalry. That’s why you always want to and try to do your best, then you say in true gratefulness…


「切磋琢磨」 sessa takuma

sessa takuma suru nakama ga irukara, itsumo gambarerun desu
I’m lucky because I always have people around me who I work hard together with.

切:to cut
磋:to file ivory
琢:to cut a precious stone
磨:to file stone

This idiom consists of two sets of Kanji characters that have the same base meaning, “to cut and file”. This reminds us of another idiomatic phrase: “しのぎを削る shinogi wo kezuru“. Shinogi means the ridges of a sword blade and Kezuru means scraping. This implies dog-eat-dog competitiveness and a fierce rivalry. “切磋琢磨 sessa takuma” here refers to a more friendlier rivalry.