Blow Away the Cobwebs

You had a hard time and things didn’t go right, so you’ve changed your mind, blew away the cobwebs and started something in a fresh state of mind, then you say…

「心機一転」shinki itten

iroiro arimashita kedo, shinki itten gambaro to omoimasu.
I had a lot to go through, but now I’m quite determined to make a fresh start.

心:heart, mind
機:opportunity, chance
転:change, fall

When you start to learn something new, you hit a plateau at some point. You feel frustrated with no results. You felt you were making some progress in the very first stage because, before you took on that challenge, you had no or little knowledge about what you were going to learn. But now you feel like you can’t make progress anymore. You feel stuck in a cobweb. The thread of your thoughts got tangled up. With all sloshing, you still can’t find a way out.

This is, however, the opportune time to look at the path you shoveled through the snow of the novelty. The state you are in is the very proof that you’ve made gradual moves up from one stage from another. Set aside besetting ideas. Why can’t you see further than your nose? Hold up your head and look around then you get a fresh, different perspective. Take a break for a moment to recollect yourself, then roll out the map and find where you are, and bring your mind back to reality.