Without Cutting Corners

四字熟語(Japanese idioms)「一生懸命」英語訳(English translation)

When your friend is not sure about her efforts and is thinking of taking an easy way out in her reckless haste, you say…

「一生懸命」 issho kenmei

iiwake mo sezu, zuru mo sezu, tonikaku gambarushika naidesho. isshokemmei yatteireba, itsuka mukuwarerukara.
With no excuses, without cutting corners, just do your best, believing all the hard work will eventually pay off.

一生:a lifetime
懸命:devotedly, desperately, to commit one’s whole life
 Originally, 一所懸命
 一所:one place, one plot of land
 懸命:devotedly, desperately, to commit one’s whole life

After establishing the new military headquarters (what is referred to as the shogunate) in Kamakura, the first shogun laid out the feudal system. Under the system, the shogun guaranteed the ownership of land; in return, samurai warriors pledged their loyalty and work hard to secure their land. Over time, the emphasis on securing land has changed into that on a once-in-a-lifetime significance or effort. There has been the strong undertone of feudal loyalty and moral integrity throughout the ages, even in these modern days.