Onomatopoeic words starting with Bi

“Bi” sound is mostly associated with something vibrant and electric, the sound made in snapping a whip, ripping something up, or trembling. Some of the most popular words are as follows:

びしびし bishibisi
literally, whipping sound; severely, mercilessly
motto bishibishi kitaete kudasai
I still have a lot to learn and you know I can take more. (Literally: Give me harder training!)

びくびく bikubiku
to be nervous
okorareru to omotte bikubiku sshiteta kedo nanimo iware nakatta
I was on pins and needles thinking I might get told off severely, but he said nothing about it.

びりびり biribiri
rip up, tear up into pieces
biribiri ni yabuita kamiga jitsuwa daijina shorui datta
I’ve torn up the paper, which I found a really important document later.