Onomatopoeia Chi: smallness and snappiness

What is interesting about onomatopoeic words is 1) a link between pronunciation and its meaning connotation, 2) repetitiveness. In this post let me give you some examples of Onomatopoeic words starting with Chi. “Chi” sound mostly indicates being small in units or being snappy, just as “小さいchiisai” means “small”.

ちまちまChima Chima

meaning: Obnoxiously slowly; to take one’s time to do something when a faster way is available

Chima Chima huitenaide, sassato katadukete
Come on! You can finish drying the dishes quickly.

ちびちびChibi Chibi

meaning: little by little; to do something in an intermittent manner

Chibi Chibi nonde naide, paatto yaro
Why are you taking little sips like that? Come on! Let’s get wild!

ちくちくChiku Chiku

meaning: prickly; to itch; to feel pangs; to be sarcastic

kono seetaa yada. datte, chiku chiku surun damon
I don’t like this sweater because it feels prickly.

kotowatte kara, zutto zaiakukande mune ga chiku chiku surun desu
Since I declined that invitation, I’ve been feeling pangs of guilt.

watashiga misu surutabi, chiku chiku ittekurun desuyo. yadana
He is so sarcastic when he points out mistakes I make. I hate it.