What’s the use?: Basho’s Poetics


Bunjin is referred to as an intellectual who lives in literature, prefers creative solitude, appreciates arts and natural beauty. Basho ...
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Maverick in Style: Basho’s Poetics


Since serenity and simplicity are characteristic to his later works, especially in his most popular traveling journal, Oku no Hosomichi, ...
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New Year’s and the Snow: Manyo (Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves)


Manyo-shu is the oldest anthology of short poems (waka, directly translated as short songs) in Japanese history, including 20 volumes ...
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Enlightenment At This Moment


Enlightenment is pretty much misunderstood. People tend to believe enlightenment is something you are yet to attain or achieve, but ...
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Fish, Birds and Day-to-day Enlightenment


Do you obsess yourself with full research to prepare for your trip or try to make it as spontaneous as ...
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Lost in Enlightenment


Some ten years ago I came across an interesting book on the definition of "beautiful" women. It examines how beauty ...
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Let go: Lyricism of Kokinshu

『古今集(古今和歌集)』和歌「あきかぜに あへずちりぬる もみぢばの ゆくへさだめぬ われぞかなしき」英語訳

Lyricism of Kokinshu is characterized by expressing emotions while singing about nature. Falling leaves arouses a certain kind of sadness ...
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One of My Pet Peeves is…: Sei Shonagon and Her Language


We all know too well that making a mistake makes us feel awkward and annoyed. For a change, why not ...
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For All Eternity: Basho’s Poetics


Here is the opening part of his most popular travel prose, "Oku no Hosomichi (The Back-country Trails)". Aesthetic sensitivity here is ...
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The Stillness: Basho’s Poetics


Matsuo Basho, a haiku master in the 17th century, is famous for his travel journal, Oku no Hosomichi (The Back-country ...
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Let Life Flow


With its variability and frailty, what do you compare life to? Let's look into the opening of "Diary from a Cabin" ...
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Full moon, Full bloom


Why is it that your heart throbs to see the clouds covering the moon, the withered flowers on the ground?花は盛りに、月は隈なきをのみ見るものかは。雨にむかひて月を恋ひ、垂れこめて春の行方知らぬも、なほあはれに情け深し。咲きぬべきほどの梢、散りしをれたる庭などこそ見どころ多けれ。 Who says we ...
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Shades and Absence

額田王「君待つと わが恋ひをれば わが屋戸の簾動かし 秋の風吹く」英語訳

What about Japanese culture fascinates me? Its attention to shades over lights, absence over presence. As pensive and pathetic as ...
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Flawless Completion Is Something Undesirable


Learning is something of a journey with no perfection in sight. すべて、何も皆、事のととのほりたるは悪しきことなり。し残したるを、さてうち置きたるは、おもしろく、生き延ぶるわざなり。 In everything, flawless completion is something undesirable. Intriguing ...
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