Late Bloomer

四字熟語(Japanese idioms)「大器晩成」英語訳(English translation)

When you feel frustrated about catching up to your peers and hard-pressed to flourish, you say…

「大器晩成」 taiki bansei

I’m having a hard time now, but I believe I’m kind of a late bloomer and my talent will present itself later on, right?

imawa kuro shiterukedo, kitto taikibanseigata namdayo. itsuka sainoga kaikasurutte.

大:big, great
器:bowl, capacity
成:to become

Just as making a big bowl takes a great deal of time, a person of great talent often bloom late in their career.



四字熟語(Japanese idioms)「器用貧乏」英語訳(English translation)

When you feel you are quick in understanding how things work and mastering new skills but feel scattered or overwhelmed by multiple interests or assigned tasks, you say…

「器用貧乏」 kiyo bimbo

I’m kind of a Jack-of-all-trades type person. Any managers find it handy to have me around, but I don’t think I’m going to make a successful career.

kiyoubinbo na taipu dakara, donna joshi karamo chohogarareru kedo, konomama dato taisei shinasaso

器用:versatile, good with one’s hands

If you’re versatile enough to understand and master skills quickly enough, you will be a “grease guy” for the team and be expected to volunteer unpopular tasks. It will be a great contribution to making their groups better off, but you will not be a specialist, become unsure about life-long passions or career path and end up making smaller success in your own career than you would otherwise.

No Encounter is Ever Wasted

四字熟語(Japanese idioms)「一期一会」英語訳(English translation)

When you are really appreciative of, inspired by and connected to someone or something through this and that chance meeting, you say…

「一期一会」 ichigo ichie

No encounter is ever wasted. You know, just make the best of every encounter with care and commitment.
 donna deai mo ichigoichie dakara. sono deaiwo taisetsuni shinaitone

期:period, chance
会:encounter, meeting

Originally referring to desirable attitude at the tea ceremony, it indicates that you must serve tea to this person whole-heartedly, believing that you will never see this person again or there will be no other ceremony exactly the same as the one you have today. Take every encounter as a once-in-a-lifetime chance.