“Danger: Keep Out”

No one wants to make an embarrassing mistake, but it’s inevitable, whether it be small or big. Anything disastrous happens no matter how vigilant you are. It’s helpless. However, it’s also true that you can learn from unwanted results. With each failed attempt you get experience and knowledge. Imagine you are reading climbing routes and eventually get lost in all the hazy mountains. If you think you have made a wrong decision, that’s a promise of a better option and getting a new perspective. All you have to do is to believe that this is another mental signpost saying “Danger: Keep Out”. In so doing you get better at setting climbing routes.


With this in mind, you are never afraid or ashamed of making mistakes. Instead, you are far more determined to focus on the second best option and, most significantly, to move on. This is all about being ready for more downs than ups in life, taking on the world full of uncertainty and reinventing ourselves with the help of mistakes we make.


Tired of tormenting ourselves by thinking of our everyday exposure to failure? Well, hold on a second! I will get you a refreshing pop tune for the next post.


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